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KR: KIDS' REEL Short Film Competition

KIDS' REEL 57m 2021

Daria Kopiec Marysia’s Mum’s Memories of Fairy Tales Told by Grandma PL 2020, 3’, pl

The nights spent at grandmother’s make up Marysia’s mum’s most vivid memories – the cousins’ chatter before bedtime and many generations coming together. Fairy tales were often told in the house where mum grew up; tonight’s will be about an old man and his wife.

Producer: Bozena Szroeder

Daria Kopiec Grandma Aniela’s Memory of Herbs and Forest Clearings PL 2020, 2’, pl

Damian’s grandmother Aniela grew up surrounded by nature – the forest, the changing seasons, and helping her parents with the farm work. Aniela was the oldest of four children, and often went to the forest alone. Done in claymation, this is the story of what the now-elderly Aniela encountered in the forest and still remembers to this day.

Producer: Bozena Szroeder

Daria Kopiec Daria Kopiec Igor’s Mum’s Tale of an Old House, Papers and Photographs PL 2020, 3’, pl

Having been orphaned as a child, Igor’s mum was raised by her grandparents. All Igor knows about his grandparents is what he’s seen in photo albums and heard from his mum’s stories. After learning more about his small family, Igor and his mum decide to make a family tree.

Producer: Bozena Szroeder

Kinga Rofusz Home Otthon HU 2021, 8’, without dialogue

It is at home, with his mother, father and grandmother, where a boy feels best as he enthusiastically builds a birdhouse and lets his imagination run wild as he draws on the asphalt with chalk. But the family must move. During this time of change, the boy explores the new home and his place in it, finding the answer within his family and the flourishing natural world that surrounds them.

Producer: Béla Klingl

Chen Yang Red DE 2021, 7’, without dialogue

Once upon a time, a girl lived in a Red World. She’s always happy to see the Big Story Bird come and open the book to imaginary worlds for her and other children. But it’s always so red! Leafing through Little Red Riding Hood and other stories, she spots other colours. She doesn’t understand them, but is tempted to explore other worlds. She sets out to find out if there really are worlds of other colours.

Hugo de Faucompret Mum Is Pouring Rain Maman Pleut des Cordes FR 2021, 29’, fr

Producer: Jean-Baptiste Wery

More than anything, 8-year-old Jeanne wants to spend Christmas with mum, but for some reason unknown to her, that can’t happen and she must go to her grandmother’s. Nevertheless, the time spent at grandmother’s becomes an adventure filled with new friendships and the ability to listen to others. Jeanne meets new friends – Cloclo, who lives in the forest, and local kids Sonia and Leon. As Jeanne discovers new things about the world, she doesn’t realise that her newfound joy will also be her mum’s strongest support.

Nicolas Bianco-Levrin, Julie Rembauville Attention au loup! Beware The Wolf! FR 2020, 1’, no dialogue

The usual story of Little Red Riding Hood going to grandmother’s, but not quite. This time there’s cake, jam and butter packed up for tea and not a smidgen of fear. And the Wolf? He’s in grandmother’s clothes, of course, but he is no longer anything like the way we remember him.

Producer: Nicolas Bianco-Levrin

Maša Avramović Coincés Stuck Together FR 2020, 4’, no dialogue

Bumpety-bump the bus goes down the road. Among the passengers, a pair of twins take pictures of the stunning views, a lady busies herself with snacking, and a bully takes a kid’s mobile from him. When the bus reaches a tollbooth, the collector is not happy with his bribe, so the passengers unite so that they can continue on their way.

Producer: Annick Teninge


Polish, French


English, Latviešu Valoda


Poland, Hungary, Germany, France